Importance of Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Importance of Keeping Yourself Hydrated

A major chunk of the body comprises of water, which includes all the bodily fluids required for the proper functioning of our various organ systems. There are various other functions that are performed by the water in our body. These include maintenance of body temperature, removal of waste products etc. To keep yourself healthy, you need to keep your body hydrated. A detailed explanation of why that is important given below:

Why does Our Body Need Water?

The water content in our body needs to be maintained in order to stay in good health. Water is lost when we carry out daily processes like urination, excretion and perspiration. We even lose water due to respiration, i.e. the basic act of breathing. The loss is more acute in hot weather or when physical activity is carried out more than usual. Certain bodily disorders such as diarrhoea also lead to excessive loss of fluids. To balance out this loss of fluids and to help these functions occur naturally, we need to make sure  that we stay hydrated.

How much Water Does the Body Need?

Very often, you are advised to drink two litres of water every day but that is not a standard measure that can be applied to all.  Different people have different requirements and water is not the only means to keep you hydrated. Rather than focusing on how many bottles of water should you drink a day, you should consider the various other sources which can help keep you hydrated.

How Do You Know If You Are Drinking Enough Water?

Not everybody requires the same amount of water. If your body is not getting enough water, it will notify you through various physical symptoms. One way of knowing whether your water intake is enough is to check the colour of your urine – a dark amber colour indicates a low consumption of water. The other indicators would be the suppleness of your skin and hair. There are other medical symptoms which can tell you that your body is dehydrated but these are generally more intense and take time to show up. Some of these are fatigue, extreme thirst, headaches, light-headedness, dryness of the mouth and lack of tears.

How Can You Keep the Body Hydrated?

Other than drinking plenty of water, you can consume juices, tea, coffee and water-rich foods such as watermelons, lettuce and cucumbers among many other sources. Drinking water flavoured with lemon or mint can take care of the monotony involved in water intake. Consumption of tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks are good in moderation as excess of these could lead to other medical issues. For those who regularly work out, isotonic drinks can help in restoring the lost minerals as well, be careful and avoid drinks with high sugar content.

Water is a life fluid and we must give our bodies enough of it on a daily basis. In fact, we should encourage all those around us to drink sufficient water. We must offer water to anyone who has been out in the sun or has been working hard, it will make a big difference to their health and in considered a very nice gesture!



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