4 Hacks to Hide Marks on Skin

Striving for a clean blemish free skin leads women to go through innumerable surgical treatments, natural remedies and experiments with the large number of products that the marketers advertise as wonder products. The skin can be helped with a lot of precautionary measures such as drinking plenty of water and protecting the skin from unnecessary exposure to sun to give you healthy and glowing skin. The skin texture and tone is natural and should be accepted as is.

Even though you accept your skin as it is, there are often times, when you try to cover up the different marks and blemishes that develop on your skin. When you dress up and want to look pretty, you cannot have these marks spoiling your look. There are many ways in which you can successfully hide them away. Given below are some surprisingly easy hacks to make your skin look wonderful when it is having one of its bad days, that too, without making the conditions worse:

  • Concealer

The easiest of the methods to hide any blemishes on the face is to use a concealer. You can use it on other parts of the body as well. But before you apply it, make sure to use moisturiser. First apply the concealer on the specific area that you wish to cover so it gets enough time to set in. You can then apply it to the other areas. Blend it in to give it a smooth finish and set it with translucent powder. Now you can continue with applying the foundation and the rest of your makeup routine.

  • Eye MakeupPrimer

When a pimple breaks out on your face, skin gets stretches and shiny. On such a surface, the makeup does not stay. An eyeshadow primer grips eye makeup of powdery nature firmly, hence, it can also help with the acne affected spot effectively. This will also allow the concealer to stay firmly in place.

  • Colour Correctors

These are very effective if you have got a bruise or a hickey, as they work on the principle that you can hide one colour with the one that is its opposite. Hence, using a green colour corrector for the deep purple bruise can help. It can then be covered up with regular makeup. In case the hickey starts healing and begins to get a yellow shade, a concealer that has pinkish undertones can work well. A hickey on lips cannot be thus covered, but you can try healing it with a cold pack treatment using a spoon that has been chilled in the freeze. Using a Bright coloured lipstick could help make the swelling and discolouration a little less obvious.

  • Mineral Makeup

The list of qualities of mineral makeup include absorption of excess oil and the zinc oxide content. These are gentle on the skin and heal the inflammation, thanks to its chemical composition, while covering up the spots. It absorbs the oil and lets your pores breathe.

Hope the blog has provided useful information on how to treat hickey on Lips. If you do not have the time or patience for all the fuss around makeup, you can simply use a foundation lighter than your skin, let it dry on the affected area and blend. Don’t blend too soon, though.

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